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Welcome to Namasté Center for Spiritual Living!
We are a community grounded in unconditional love and sacred service. We recognize that our thoughts are creative, and we support each other in awakening and recognizing the Truth of who we are; which empowers us to live an authentic, spiritual life. No matter who you are, or where ever you may be on your own path of spiritual awakening, this is a place that welcomes you.

Our name, Namasté, is a greeting used in many parts of the world, and it simply means when I recognize my Divine nature and you recognize your Divine nature, we know that we are One.
Again, welcome!

Heart of Peace Initiative

Centers for Spiritual Living has started the "Heart of Peace Initiative".  Namasté is participating, with Mary Mackenzie, M.A. and Kim Fox, RScP facilitating the meditation, which is every Wednesday from 7:00-7:30 a.m.  For more details or to register (there is no charge), click the Read More link.

CSL Heart of Peace Initiative

The intention of the initiative is to activate the practice of collective meditation for peace…to embody or BE the Peace that IS. As you open to love life, yourself and all other forms of life and feel gratitude for the love you receive, you are a radiating center of peace which is transmitted to the entire world.

During the regular Collective Meditation time, the leader presents a guided meditation on peace, inviting participants to surrender consciousness and become receptive to the vibrations of Love and Peace, eventually amplifying these qualities throughout the world. The CSL leaders of the initiative will provide meditations that local groups may use.

Namaste’s Initiative

Mary Mackenzie and Kim Fox have created a local Heart of Peace Meditation program that will meet every Wednesday morning from 7:00-7:30am via telephone, starting Wednesday, October 5 and running through December 28 (if participation is strong, they will continue it for another 9 months or longer).

How To Join the Meditation  To join (you do not need to join by October 5th to participate) and to receive your calling information, click the link below. You will immediately receive an email with your unique calling number. Note that each person will have their own number and two people cannot enter using the same number.

Help Spread the Word – Tell others about this program. We’d love to inspire many people to participate! Please give others the link for getting their own unique phone number.


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