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Registration and Policies

Foundations Class is the prerequisite for all other “core” Science of Mind and Spirit classes.  Students begin their formal course of study here. For a list of other core classes, please see Core Classes menu.

Students may take only one core class (including Foundations) at a time. However, Namaste offers many spiritual enrichment classes and workshops, which may be taken at any time, even before taking Foundational Class.  Please see our enrichment class and workshop offerings.

Registration Procedure
Students may register for a class in several ways:

  • On the Education menu, find the class you are interested in and click "online registration."  Payment is made by credit card.  You may pay in full or make a partial payment to hold your spot in class.
  • Sign up sheets are available on the tables outside of Sunday services, usually 3 weeks before a class begins.
  • Monday through Thursday, from 12:30 pm - 5 pm, you may sign up in person at our Namaste Center, 610 Pacific Coast Highway, Seal Beach.
  • Or during the same hours, you may call:  (562) 980-7610.
  • As long as there are still openings for a particular class, you are welcome to register in person the first night of class.

Early Bird Discount

A tuition discount for early registration is available up to 1 week prior to the start of class.  A minimum deposit of $45 is required at time of registration to receive the Early Bird price.

Payment Methods
Online we accept MasterCard, Visa, or Discover.  Checks are accepted in-person. (A $15 fee will be charged for all returned checks.)

Full tuition is due no later than the half-way point for each class (by week 4 for an 8 week class, week 5 for a 10-week class.) If needed, special arrangements may be made by speaking with the teacher before the class begins.

Required Books:  are available for purchase at the Namasté Center in advance or on the first night of class.

Auditing a Class
Students who have already received credit for a core class may choose to “audit” the class again within three years.  Anyone auditing a class is required to do all the class work, but will be charged 75% of the regular tuition.  

If students need to drop a course prior to the 4th class, they will be refunded a pro-rated portion of the class tuition, minus a $25 administrative fee. Beyond this, refunds will not be given.

Incomplete Classes
Homework and class assignments are expected to be turned in on time in order to complete the course.

Attendance requirements must also be met.  For 8-week classes 1 absence is permitted. For longer classes 2 absences are the maximum to still receive credit. 

Students who receive an incomplete must retake the course in order to receive credit.



Childcare is offered for many of our classes.  Please email or call our office for more information.