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Minister Roles

altDid you know that ministers come in lots of varieties?   Really now ….

There are many titles that our ministers have, and as Namaste has several, we thought it might be nice to clarify some of the titles we use!

First there is the “Senior Minister” … in Namaste this would be Rev. Dr. Kristin.   The Senior Minister does not refer to age :) ...  rather it is the term used to describe the highest spiritual leader in a community.   Sometimes known as “Community Spiritual Leader” or “Spiritual Director”, in our case Rev. Kristin is also referred to as our “Founding Minister”, as she began Namaste.

“Assistant Minister” refers to a Minister who is trained and available to serve and function in all aspects of the ministry.  They may have their own special focus areas of ministry, but in all things they are considered ready and available to fill in for the Senior Minister.  That would be Rev. James!

“Staff Minister” refers to a minister who serves under the direct supervision of a Senior Minister  and who serves a community in a specific/defined limited capacity.   Think of a Staff Minister in the same way we think of a Doctor who is “on staff” at a hospital.  Staff ministers generally are not salaried, but may receive compensation for classes or workshops they facilitate.   Rev. Kimberly is “on staff” at Namaste!

There is another designation for a minister, and that is “Associate Minister”.   Associate Minister refers to a minister who meets all the requirements of an Assistant Minister and also has special consideration given for succession to the Senior Minister.  In general this means that, with the confirmation of the community, the associate minister would become the senior minister when that position was vacant without the community going outside to look for candidates.

One last role, and that is “Executive Director”.  Although this title does not refer to a ministerial position, it is often filled by a minister.  The Executive Director is responsible for managing the day to day affairs of the community.  They take a lead role in finances, staff management, and program coordination.   Often this role is used to give better focus to these important areas, and also allow the senior minister to focus in other areas of ministry.   In the latter part of 2013, Rev. James moved into fulfilling this role at Namaste, along with his other Assistant Minister duties.

 There you have it.  Got something you want to know about in our community?  Send us a note, and we’ll include it in the column!


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