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Financial Q&A

altAs part of the continuing series "Did you Know'  ~ here are the answers to the most common questions regarding Namasté's finances

In his book Spiritual Economics Eric Butterworth said, “Your most important asset is the conscious control of your life.”  This conscious control, or awareness, allows us to be open to receive our good and be good stewards of that which flows to, and through, us.  Financial abundance, like all abundance, is grounded in, and a direct reflection of, our God consciousness. 

How can I find out about how Namasté uses the money that is contributed? There are a number of ways to learn more about the finances of Namasté.  Each quarter there is a Financial Update and Information meeting hosted by the Board of Trustees.  At the meeting financial information is provided, including, the amount of revenue and expenses there were for both the previous quarter and year-to-date, and how the actual amounts compare to the budget. The meeting also includes open discussion time where you may ask any question you have regarding the finances.  In addition, you can talk to any Board member and schedule a time to review Namasté finances in more detail.

What is the difference between designated income and general income? Designated income is tithes and gifts Namasté receives for a specific purpose.  Examples include donations designated for the Capital Campaign, for youth camps, or the scholarship fund.  General income is tithes and gifts that are not designated for a specific use.  General Income includes the tithes and offerings collected on Sunday and those made online, including auto-tithes.  Another type of income comes from the activities of the center and includes income from classes, workshops, rental space, and book/cd sales.

“Does our community tithe on the gifts that I give?”   Yes, Namasté tithes/circulates a total of 10% of our General Income back to places that Spiritual feed others!   This includes tithing to Centers for Spiritual Living, of which Namasté is a covenanted member, and other organizations.  If you have a place in mind that you would like to receive a portion of our tithes, please let a Board Member know or email them via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Does Namasté provide an annual statement of giving? Yes, Namasté provides an annual giving statement to those who contribute in such a way that we can identify the gift.  Among other uses; the statement provides information for your personal tax return.   Even if you give your gift in cash, we can provide you with an annual statement, if you place your gift in an envelope and put your name on the envelope.

What is an auto-tithe? An auto-tithe is an automatic (or regular) tithe to Namasté.  One method people use is to setup a recurring amount that will charge against their credit card (you can set this up at the Namasté website).  Another method is to use the “bill pay” feature at your bank to have checks automatically sent to Namasté.  Currently automatic debit from a checking or savings account is not available.

What are the laminated $100 bill replicas some people put into the collection basket on Sunday? They are provided so that people who auto-tithe can honor their gift and symbolically have something to place into the basket. 

“Divine Abundance is forever manifesting Itself in my affairs. I desire to do only that which is good and constructive, life-giving and life-expressing. Therefore I know that I shall prosper in everything I do. I know that I exist in limitless possibility, and that the infinite Good is right where I am and active in my experience.” ~ Dr. Ernest Holmes


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