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Child Care Every 1st & 3rd Sundays

Huh ~ What Does That Stand For?

altAs part of the continuing series "Did you Know'  ~ here’s some insight into some of the more common acronyms we use. Guaranteed to enlighten and make your smile!

We use a lot of acronyms at Namasté and within Centers for Spiritual Living and the Science of Mind and Spirit philosophy.

Here’s a little insight into some of the more common acronyms we use.  On its own, CSL is Centers for Spiritual Living, but when it is part of an individual center’s name, e.g. Namasté CSL, we drop the (s) from Centers.  At SOMe point you are bound to hear from or read the SOM textbook which is short for Science of Mind, and since Sprit is always present, you might also hear of SOMS ~ Science of Mind and Spirit, which is the philosophy itself.

Within Namasté we have an E-team which is the Ecclesiastical Team (comprised of the ministers and practitioners), which of course is not to be confused with the E-train, which was a monthly gathering that took place in 2013 where folks got together to talk about the future of Namasté. 

QVC has now come to Namasté!  No we are not shopping for great deals; however, when you shop you can help Namasté by using the Amazon link on our website, but back to QVC, which stands for Quantum Visioning Circle.  This circle is comprised of people who come together once a month to be in the field of possibilities for Namasté.  The circle opens once every four months to allow new people to join, then is a closed circle for the next three months.

Was that a BLT you ordered?  Oh, you said PLT, the PLT is the Practitioner Leadership Team, which leads and represents the Practitioner Core, facilitating a supportive environment to empower Practitioners in their personal, professional and Spiritual growth.

And, of course, we do have a BOT, which is close to a BLT; but the BOT is the Board of Trustees for Namasté.  That’s not to say the BOT does not enjoy eating since the monthly meeting has a 7 pm starting time, there certainly could be food involved.  Which naturally leads us to G4G, our new Fund-raiser, Gourmets for God.

The young at heart often find themselves in service to our youth in the YFM – which is the Youth & Family Ministry, and if you love, love, you might be involved in RL (Real Love).    If you enjoy the Moon, which is not an acronym, but does have a dual use, you might want to attend the Full Moon Breathing Circle and/or the New Moon Freedom Path gatherings. 

BTW ~ we hope this has helped  ~ if not just remember to LOL


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