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What's that Real Love stuff?

In this article from Rev. James, he gives an overview of the Real Love teaching and how it fits with our Science of Mind and Spirit tradition.



Real Love and Science of Mind (and Spirit)


Throughout the country, and in particular, throughout New Thought communities, Real Love, as described/taught by Dr. Greg Baer, is growing. Real Love, also known as unconditional love, is described as “unconditionally caring about the happiness of another person without any thought of what we might get ourselves.” And additionally, “there is only one kind of love -- Real Love. Everything else is counterfeit. Through no fault of our own, few of us have either received or given much Real Love, and without it we have a terrible void in our lives.”

 This definition aligns beautifully with a number of New Thought teaching/writings such as The Course in Miracles, Conversations with God, and The Power of Now. In addition, there is a great connection between how Real Love and The Science of Mind flow together.

            In the Science of Mind, many of us experience that Spiritual Mind Treatment (affirmative prayer) does work. Yet, I have found in my work with individuals and groups, that a number of folks have mixed beliefs around prayer; they believe that sometimes it works, sometimes is doesn’t.

The truth is that affirmative prayer always works. The Universe/God/Spirit loves us so much, it always says yes. Another way of saying this is that The Law is impersonal. The piece to remember is that we only manifest to the extent of the feeling behind the prayer.   For example, if we pray for/have someone pray for us, for financial abundance, and at some level do not feel worthy of such abundance, the treatment will work only to the extent we can accept it. In other words, if we pray for $10,000, but only feel worthy of $10, guess what we get!

 So, how do we move to a place of feeling okay enough to accept all the good fortune waiting for us? We have been taught many methods to change our thinking/life; prayer, affirmations, meditation; and while I believe these all have value and a place in a spiritual practice, I have come to see that the key to rapid spiritual growth for most people is to feel loved. And a great way to start to feel loved is by “learning about and living about” Real Love.

 By reading books on Real Love, listening to CDs, attending workshops, and ultimately, attending ongoing Real Love groups and making Real Love calls, we start to understand in our minds, and within our hearts, what unconditional love is. And as we feel truly loved more often, and in longer intervals, we just naturally are happier. As we feel loved and are happy, the prayers we receive begin to manifest at a greater level – since the extent to which we are blocking the results with negative feelings is diminished!

Sometimes folks will say something to the effect of “I don’t want to put energy or focus on what is not working, because “what we focus on grows”. While it is true that any disease, whether it be mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual is simply a belief in separation, the experience is real to us. If we deny the experience, we are living in denial – and it is very challenging to heal something we refuse to look at. We know and acknowledge that the experience (or behavior) has no power of its own, and we know that by bringing the Light to the Darkness, we reveal the Truth – and heal that within ourselves. Thus in Real Love, we can “admit” to our Getting and Protection behaviors, not to say we are eternally flawed, but to simply acknowledge we do them. We understand the cause (not feeling loved), and we can take steps to treat the cause. In other words, if we are not truthful and honest about what is going on, how can we really make progress on our Spiritual path?

Lastly, I often hear folks say “I just need to learn to love myself more”. While I agree, loving oneself is paramount, it can be a challenge to “learn to love myself” if I really don’t know what love is and/or do not have it to give.   Through Real Love, we naturally learn what love is, and as we become more loving beings, we will automatically love ourselves. And as we move more into that experience of love and life, we will also naturally feel the unlimited unconditional love of God and become the presence of Love on a more regular basis.


Rev. James



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