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Child Care Every 1st & 3rd Sundays

Conscious Giving Letter

This Sunday is our annual pledge ritual and community luncheon.  Click the "read more" to see a copy of the Namasté Conscious Giving Letter and Pledge Card.



Dear One,

Our AIF Pledge Ritual will take place in service on November 23rd, with our community luncheon immediately following service.  The 2015 Conscious Giving Pledge Cards will be distributed prior to and during service that day.  You will find a copy of the card here

As you think about how to complete your Conscious Giving Pledge Card, please look into your heart. Remember how it feels to have Namasté in your life – how it feels to be a part of a spiritual community like ours. Our world is transforming around us, and through your association with the Namasté community, you can find ways to thrive personally, and to help create a world that works for everyone.

I ask you to make your giving something that you feel good about – and that stretches you, at least a bit. You grow when you challenge yourself. Also, consider the value that you receive here – what it means to know that you have dominion over your life, to love yourself and see your personal worth. Take this opportunity to set your own financial consciousness for the coming year, knowing that “as you give, so shall you receive.”

We have been in deficit for too long – it is time to bring full integrity into our financial operations. Only you can make the decision to do what it takes to accomplish this.

We are a growing, vibrant community and our finances are a part of that dynamic. So, what is yours to do in this regard?

Thank you for your loving consciousness, for your good intentions and prayer-treatments for our community ( I have included my prayer treatment below), and for your support – how you show up in every way. My heart is glad to share community with you.

Love and Blessings,


Rev. James Peak,

Community Spiritual Leader




There is One Mind, One Spirit, One Perfect and Loving Presence. The One, which I choose to call God, is everywhere and everything. God is Infinite Abundance, Prosperity, and Wealth. It gives and never withholds, never limits, never condemns. Its nature is to give to itself, creating out of itself, saying Yes to itself.

As there is one life, I am part of the infinite expression of life. I am whole and complete. I am Infinite Abundance, Prosperity, and Wealth. There is no limit to the amount of God that flows through my life and shows up as my life. As this must be true for me, it must be the Truth of the Namasté community. The Namasté community is a perfect expression of this One Life.

I am one who sees the Truth, knows the nature of God, and is open to receiving all the blessings of my life. Spirit has provided me with all I need to realize my abundant nature. I know that each day is filled with expanded abundance in my life, and this continues throughout this year and beyond.

It is through this Unity of All Life that I know this Truth and more to be true of the Namasté community. The Namasté community is one that naturally and effectively creates Prosperity and Wealth; is a community grounded in Unconditional Love and Sacred Service. Namasté is a place where we share our divine gifts as we support each other in awakening to our divine self.

Specifically, I know that the Namasté Center for Spiritual Living, is a community with ample resources to support its Healing Ministry, it Music program, its Youth program, its Staff, and the resources to support the perfect space for the community to celebrate the high calling of who we are.

I know our Center is a Divine Idea in the Mind of God and stand in Gratitude for this truth and the truth that the Creative Process is always working on our behalf. There is nothing to fear, nothing to regret. There is only the perfect unfolding expression of Spirit.

I know and accept this Truth now with all my heart. I release this word into the Law with a confident expectation of perfect demonstration as I move forward in Love and Grace.

And so it is. . .



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