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What's that "Truth of Who you Are" stuff?

In this article from Rev. James, he explains what is meant when we say "Practitioners Know the Truth of Who You Are"

 The Truth of Who You Are


     A common statement within Religious Science is that Practitioners “Know the Truth of Who You Are”. While teaching classes over this year it became apparent that some folks within our community are not clear what this statement really means. And even when attempting to clarify by saying something like, “it means that a Practitioner sees beyond the condition to the Truth that you are perfect, whole, and complete”, I get the impression that for many this is just another vague, ethereal concept. A clear understanding of this concept can be a great tool in affecting change in our lives; so let’s explore it without the use of jargon.

     For starter’s, we state that God is all there is and that God is eternal. We also recognize that God is not in the business of destroying itself (e.g., physics tells us that energy is never destroyed, it just changes form and/or is redirected). If God is all there is, then we must be part of the One God. Each of us must be a creation of God from the resources that God has available, which is of course, God itself. If God is eternal, then some part of us must also be eternal. If God is not in the business of destroying itself, then some part of us cannot be destroyed.

     If we take the time to meditate or contemplate on these statements, we begin to really understand that we are more than our physical bodies, and that there is a part of us that cannot be harmed (we can also use affirmations to assist us in changing our understanding and beliefs to know this is true.) Throughout time, mystics have referred to this part of us as many things including our Soul, Spirit, or Monad. I like to refer to this part of us as our perfect, eternal, essence.

     In those moments when we experience pain or suffering (whether is be physical, emotional, and/or mental) we can affirm there is a part of us that is untouched by these events. Imagine someone who is paralyzed; their physical body may be limited when compared to others, but their essence is still there. That eternal perfect part of them never leaves. This is not to say that we deny what is occurring. If you break your leg, a Practitioner does not deny you are experiencing a broken leg, but we do affirm that you are not just your broken leg. While the broken leg is an experience, is does not change the perfect part of you.

     As we move through our daily lives, grounded in the Truth that there is a part of us that is never harmed, and is eternal, we are more able to respond from a perspective of greater love and understanding, and thus, less fear.   And when we are in the middle of a challenge, and we forget this Truth, it is very powerful and comforting to know we can contact a Practitioner, who will “Know the Truth of Who We Are”.


Rev. James



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