Namasté Mission:

I learn practical Science of Mind tools and practice in a loving,
connective and vibrant community, 
to reveal my Power and change my life.

Education Overview

"As we study our own being, we begin to deduce the nature of God."
—The Science of Mind, p. 79

Classes in Science of Mind give you what you need to expand your knowledge of spiritual principles and to gain practical spiritual tools for everyday use. In addition to learning about the Science of Mind philosophy and how to apply it, being in a class is one of the best ways to enter more deeply into our spiritual community. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet and get to know people from many different backgrounds.

Our denomination offers a series of core classes that provide not only an essential understanding of the Science of Mind, but also a pathway to possible licensing as a professional Science of Mind Practitioner or Minister.

Our teachers are experienced practitioners or ministers of Science of Mind (SOM) who love to teach and share the power that these teachings have to change lives. Classes combine experiential exercises with explanation of the principles of SOM. The home study is designed to inspire deeper understanding and love of spiritual principles and practical application.

Many classes have prayer pods or partnerships which help anchor students in loving support and transformative practice. Many lifelong friendships have begun in our classrooms. Come and join us as we explore and experience the transformation that Science of Mind can bring to every life!

There are 4 terms in our education calendar with classes beginning in winter, spring, summer and fall. Registration begins four weeks prior to class start.

Community Classes These are short classes offered for free to our community.  Our Discover Namasté series is a great way to begin your education path!   These classes introduce newcomers to the basic teachings of Science of Mind, to community life at Namasté, and a path to membership.  Our Deepening Namasté series classes are being developed to provide training in community building and leadership.

The Core Curriculum is developed by the Education Department of Centers for Spiritual Living. Core classes are 8 or 10 weeks in duration—one three-hour class per week. The Foundationas of Science of Mind Class is the study of our core spiritual principles with practical applications for everyday life. Foundations is a prerequisite for all other Core classes. While open to all students, these classes also comprise the required course of study for future Science of Mind Practitioners and Ministers.

Spiritual Enrichment Classes are designed to be practical, and to meet the community desire for a variety of ongoing educational opportunities. They offer an intellectual, emotional, and spiritual inquiry into an array of exciting and topical subjects.  Like our Core Classes, Spiritual Enrichment Classes are taught by practitioners and ministers who are certified instructors.  There are no prerequisites for these classes.

Advanced Consciousness Studies (formerly Practitioner I and Practitioner II training) comprise two classes designed to lead students to a deeper understanding of spiritual principles and the ability to apply them in their daily lives.  Year two focuses on training students to be spiritual counselors. These classes are the final course requirements for students who want to pursue licensing as Centers for Spiritual Living Practitioners.

Workshops offered on a variety of topics are generally shorter in duration (1-5 sessions), and draw a variety of presenters from within and outside of the Namasté community.   There are no prerequisites for workshops.