Vision : Gathering in our Strength; Revealing the Gifts of our Hearts


Purpose: Through Love, Acceptance, and Devotion to ourselves and one another,we authentically connect to the truth of our oneness. We inspire and empower each other to reveal God.



  • We commit to a regular spiritual practice
  • We commit to using prayer as the foundation of our life.
  • We commit to our personal growth through education
  • We commit to trusting that divine wisdom guides and leads each person to their own answers.
  • We commit to be present and available to all of our fellow practitioners.
  • We commit to a conscious and consistent tithing practice.
  • We commit to living a life of abundance and prosperity.
  • We commit to living a life of integrity and authenticity.
  • We commit to a practice of confidentiality in all of our relationships.
  • We commit to prayerfully support and to actively engage with Namaste's mission, minister(s), leadership, and congregation.
  • We commit to communicating with our minister(s) in an open, direct, honest and loving manner.
  • We commit to engage in the pastoral care of the Namaste community.