Namasté Mission:

I learn practical Science of Mind tools and practice in a loving,
connective and vibrant community, 
to reveal my Power and change my life.

Ways to Support



"As you give, so shall you receive."
This is the basic principle of "The Law of Circulation"

When we consciously circulate a portion of our good through a practice of committed and consistent giving to the places and people where we are spiritually fed, we are fully utilizing the Law of Circulation.

If Namasté is one of those places in your life, and you'd like to contribute on a regular basis or make a one-time gift, you can do so conveniently using your credit card through this link

"Today I prosper as I move forward with Joy, Confidence and Ease,
knowing that Spirit is the constant supply of Good in my life."



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Every Sunday, Teams of dedicated people gather to make our Service happen.  If you would like to help make things happen with us, consider joining one of these Teams.


Other volunteer opportunities are available during the week.  Contact Mary Doyle at 562-980-7610 to learn more.